We are currently deploying GitLab EE 10.0

Container Registry

With the Docker Container Registry integrated into GitLab, every project can have its own space to store its Docker images.

Learn more about Container Registry.

How to use the Container Registry

First log in to GitLab’s Container Registry using your GitLab username and password. If you have 2FA enabled you need to use a personal access token:

docker login registry.gitlab.com

Once you log in, you’re free to create and upload a container image using the common build and push commands:

docker build -t registry.gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban .
docker push registry.gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban

Use different image names

GitLab supports up to 3 levels of image names. The following examples of images are valid for your project:


Tag Tag ID Size Created
1.7.1 8795082a1 4.42 MB · 1 layer 7 months
86c02e1fb852 5ed1769db 4.47 MB · 1 layer 7 months
d15f5f732057 2f9c2f17f 4.47 MB · 1 layer 5 months
d3fca8d75560 c28b4bd01 4.47 MB · 1 layer 7 months
latest 2f9c2f17f 4.47 MB · 1 layer 5 months