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title: "Live blog: Eurovision Semi-Final 1"
title: "Eurovision Semi-Final 1"
tags: [Eurovision, TV, music, live]
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The first semi-final of 2018's Eurovision Song Contest has started!
I am currently live-blogging my thoughts on each of the acts.
Here are my thoughts on each of the acts in the first semi-final of 2018's Eurovision Song Contest.
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### 1. Azerbaijan
Not a bad song, but not a particularly interesting one, either. Some nice staging and choreography, but not exceptional.
......@@ -71,4 +67,4 @@ Choreography was decent, but the song was very drab.
### 19. Cyprus
One of the stronger acts of the evening. Song was alright, and the performance and choreography were good.
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**This live blog has now ended.**
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