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# LavaTech Services Agreement
LavaTech Services Agreement is currently in draft state. See Merge Requests for proposals!
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## Definitions
**You:** Refers to the individual reading and/or agreeing to this license
**"LSA"/"LavaTech Services Agreement":** Refers to this document
**LavaTech Staff:** LavaTech staff refers to the team members of LavaTech.
The active team member list may be found on
**LavaTech Services:** LavaTech Services refers to services hosted by LavaTech.
A (possibly incomplete) list of these services may be found on
**LavaTech Jurisdictions:** Refers to legal jurisdictions of:
- Turkey
- Brazil
- United States of America
- Germany
- France
- Finland
and the country you reside in.
**Problematic Person:** Refers to individuals that are one or more of the following:
- "asshole"
- "nazi" / "neo-nazi" / "white supremacist"
- "incel"
- alt-right
- TERF (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist)
- transphobe
- homophobe
- 4chan/2chan/gab/incisozluk user
## Updates to this document
This agreement may be changed at any time without any notice. It's your responsibility to regularly check for changes.
## Scope of the license
LavaTech services are revocably, non-transferably, non-exclusively and non-sublicensably licensed to you without any warranty.
LavaTech staff holds the right to revoke your license to any/all of services for any reason (including but not limited to violations of this agreement).
## Prohibited actions
You may NOT:
- use LavaTech services in a commercial manner or environment. Our services are strictly for individuals.
- use LavaTech services in a way that is illegal in LavaTech Jurisdictions (including but not limited to uploading copyrighted content or uploading adult content).
- use LavaTech services if you're under 13 years of age. If you're legally a minor, an adult may need to accept this agreement on your behalf.
- use LavaTech services if one or more of LavaTech Staff members considers you a Problematic Person.
- use LavaTech services if you self identify as one or more of the criteries for being considered a Problematic Person.
- abuse, attack or pentest LavaTech services without prior written approval.
You may send an email to in order to apply for a written approval to attack or pentest. LavaTech Staff is free to accept or deny your request at their will.
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