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This project is mirrored from https://*****:*****@github.com/lappis-unb/SMI-Slave. Updated .
  • v1.0.1   Bugfix on v1.0.0 'Tupã'

    What's new

    • Bugfix on the measurement collection from the transductors.
  • v1.0.0   Release 1.0.0 - Tupã

    Introducing SMI Slave v1.0.0 - 'Tupã'

    Changes in this release

    • Refactoring of the slave module of the application. This includes:
      • Added new measurements.
      • Better class encapsulation.
      • Transformed the slave app into a REST API.
      • Better measurements processing.
      • Implemented a new workflow and code architecture.
    • Code maintenance and optimization.