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Gaia Sky
.. figure:: img/GaiaSkySplash-s.jpg
:alt: Gaia Sky logo
|Build status|
.. note:: Gaia Sky just hit version 1.0.0!
What is Gaia Sky
**Gaia Sky** is a real-time, 3D, astronomy visualisation software that
runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It lives in the framework of
`ESA <>`__'s `Gaia
mission <>`__ to chart about 1 billion stars of
our Milky Way Galaxy. It is developed in the Gaia group of the
`Astronomisches Rechen-Institut <>`__
(`ZAH <>`__, `Universität
Heidelberg <>`__).
* Official site: `GaiaSky@ARI <>`__
* Product page: `Gaia Sky <>`__
* Documentation: `You are in it! <>`__
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