Commit 79260cb5 authored by jim warner's avatar jim warner Committed by Craig Small

misc: remove some newly introduced trailing whitespace

Maybe some folks still need a few .gitconfig tweaks to
catch the trailing whitespace errors a little earlier.

Or, at the least, after a local commit they should do:
$ git diff HEAD~1

[ and then check if git marks any with his red blobs ]
Signed-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <>
parent e715d0f4
......@@ -29,13 +29,13 @@ Note that blank lines are ignored, and whitespace before and after a token or
value is ignored, although a value can contain whitespace within. Lines which
begin with a # or ; are considered comments and ignored.
As the
As the
.BR /etc/sysctl.conf
file is used to override default kernel parameter values, only a small number of parameters is predefined in the file.
.IR /sbin/sysctl\ \-a
or follow
.BR sysctl (8)
or follow
.BR sysctl (8)
to list all possible parameters. The description of individual parameters can be found in the kernel documentation.
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