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    Added a ToolBar control and started porting editor functions to said ToolBar. · d7ab982c
    Leeor Dicker authored
    - Added ToolBar class.
    - Implemented Button Image option.
    - Added string_format function.
    - Started pulling config options from the editor. I think it clutters up the code more than anything else.
    - Removed map file path entry textfield from EditorState.
    - Added a map file path textfield to the StartState -- it makes more sense to have it there.
    - StartState will now flash a warning message when there's an issue with any of the values in the text fields.
    - Modified Map to take better advantage of the Viewport (allows for rendering a toolbar at the top without hiding any tiles underneath it.
    - Menu will now only sort items when its sorted flag is set.
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