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    TilePalette is now a draggable window. Also includes a lot of code refactoring throughout. · bbd29b4b
    Leeor Dicker authored
    - Pulled key processing for setting editor states.
    - Fixed scrolling speed with keyboard arrow keys.
    - Replaced several awkward ternary bool flips with cleaner code.
    - TilePalette now hooks its own event handlers instead of the much older style of event injection.
    - Toolbar layer visibility now fully hooked up and working.
    - Pulled some unused code form Map.
    - Map can now have its BG layer set to be drawn or not drawn like other layers. This is only useful in the tile editor itself.
    - TilePalette will no longer draw itself or respond to events when in hidden.
    - Pulled show/hide images from TilePalette.
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