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  1. 12 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  2. 10 Feb, 2017 3 commits
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Fixes issue #6. · ace8a9dc
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - Added a try/catch block when attempting to instantiate an EditorState. Will display an appropriate error message should an error occur.
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Addresses issue #6. · 91c64efb
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - Map now tests for the presence of a referenced tileset and throws when if the tileset doesn't exist.
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Implements Issue #3 (Disallow edits to layers that are hidden). · 0badde97
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - Added a function, layer_hidden(), to EditorState source file that does a quick check for layer visibility based on state of the editor.
      - EditorState ignores calls to changeTileTexture() when the current layer is hidden.
      - EditorState draws a 'layer hidden' hint attached to the mouse pointer when the current layer is hidden.
  3. 09 Feb, 2017 3 commits
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Load Map button is disabled until the editor scans the maps directory and maps... · c8982c9b
      Leeor Dicker authored
      Load Map button is disabled until the editor scans the maps directory and maps have been found. Closes issue #1.
      - StartState will now scan the directory for any files within it. If any are found, each is checked for a "<map>" tag which contains a version string matching the map driver version in the code.
      - StartState will draw at least one frame before it begins to scan the maps directory so that the user can see something is, in fact, happening.
      - StartState will draw one frame while beginning to load a map so that the user can see that something is, in fact, happening.
      - Windows message boxes have been reactivated to display error messages when exceptions are thrown.
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Pulled config options. Completes issue #2. · 2061ee57
      Leeor Dicker authored
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Added support for contiguous flood fills. Completes issue #4. · 9f637192
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - Added a button to toggle flood contiguous mode or full layer mode.
      - Added patternFill_Contig() to EditorState.
      - Implemented a stack based depth-first search flood fill algorithm for the contiguous fill mode.
  4. 08 Feb, 2017 3 commits
  5. 07 Feb, 2017 10 commits
  6. 06 Feb, 2017 4 commits
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      - Updated TilePalette's startup location. · 0c6b4f4d
      Leeor Dicker authored
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Toggle buttons for minimap/tilepalette added. · 008c7984
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - Buttons to toggle visibility of minimap/tilepalette added.
      - Cleaned up some tile placement logic that would cause painting over the area the tilepalette was over to not be painted even if the window was hidden.
      - Fixed some mouse reaction logic in TilePalette.
      - Updated visual style of the tile palette. It's very plain but it's functional.
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      TilePalette is now a draggable window. Also includes a lot of code refactoring throughout. · bbd29b4b
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - Pulled key processing for setting editor states.
      - Fixed scrolling speed with keyboard arrow keys.
      - Replaced several awkward ternary bool flips with cleaner code.
      - TilePalette now hooks its own event handlers instead of the much older style of event injection.
      - Toolbar layer visibility now fully hooked up and working.
      - Pulled some unused code form Map.
      - Map can now have its BG layer set to be drawn or not drawn like other layers. This is only useful in the tile editor itself.
      - TilePalette will no longer draw itself or respond to events when in hidden.
      - Pulled show/hide images from TilePalette.
    • Leeor Dicker's avatar
      Eraser function is now working. · 1367cd26
      Leeor Dicker authored
      - EditState now checks for the eraser button toggled when running its tile index logic.
      - Base layer can now be erased -- changed clear color to make holes in the base layer obvious.
      - Pulled event hooks for tool buttons as the logic polls for state instead of storing it in EditorState.
      - Updated map to handle cases of 'empty' tiles in the base layer.
  7. 05 Feb, 2017 6 commits