1. 13 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Removal of whitespace stripping · 8db91fe2
      Kyle Clarke authored
      This opens up the package to be used with more scope via the caller.
      It's the caller responsibility to define the expected prefix, spaces n
      all to match against the payload.
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      Removal of non required prefix buffer var · 60565b75
      Kyle Clarke authored
      I'm still undecided at this point of time as to whether I should remove
      the stripping of whitespace of prefix values. I think I should remove
      the stripping as this allows the caller to pass what ever prefix they
      like without an unexpected behaviour. However another part of me thinks
      that the reason for this package is to respect the json api spec....
      Hmmmm no I think I will remove the stripping...more generic and useful
      for users of the package.
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