AArch or Automated Arch Linux is a template-based automated installer for Arch Linux.

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    Security Hardening Update · 47ea9c23
    Sean Bruen authored
    * Add: LVM2 partitions to separate mount points
    * Add: switched from linux => linux-hardened kernel on server and vm roles
    * Add: default shell profile with umask and readonly timeout/histfile
    * Add: Aide and Rkhunter are now installed by default
    * Add: USBGuard is now auto installed and configured only for devices available at install
    * Modify: package installation now heavily depends on which machine role is chosen
    * Fix: proper permissions for sudoers additions
    * Fix: kernel filesystem modules have been secured
    * Fix: proper permissions for binary compilers
    * Fix: hosts file has been hardened
    * Fix: haveged is now enabled on all roles
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