1. 02 Aug, 2022 1 commit
  2. 31 Jul, 2022 3 commits
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      fix: add missing code from backports · 8c734573
      Tom Englund authored
      commit c8fc1491 missed adding code to optionsmodel.cpp implenting
      optionType and OptionsModel::allValues(), also ensure we use optionList
      for virtual desktops on wayland. x11PropertyHash had outdates entries
      update them aswell. fixes crashes when trying to Configure Special
      Window Settings on both x11 and wayland.
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      fix: initialize uninitalized pointers · 705c2d22
      Tom Englund authored
      m_settings was never initialized and can contain arbitrary random data
      and cause issues down the line.
    • Tom Englund's avatar
      fix: initialize uninitialized pointer · 81058db5
      Tom Englund authored
      m_settings was never being initialized and could potentially cause
      issues further down the line having arbitrary random data.
  3. 29 Jul, 2022 15 commits
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      fix: remove double signal connects · f948ed52
      Tom Englund authored
      commit fa105ea7 added an second connect to the signal
      virtualDesktopsUpdated while it should have simply modified the
      currently existing one, this fixes a nullptr crash when trying to access
      window rules.
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      fix: avoid accessing effects in effect_quick_view · 2b503025
      Tom Englund authored
      backport of 1b215e6c, EffectQuickView is used by Aurorae.
      As long as Aurorae decorations are rendered by kwin, it's not a problem.
      However, kde-gtk-config kded module can also render them.
      This creates a problem. If effects object is not created,
      accessing any of its getters or setters will result in a segmentation fault.
      This change rewrites the share context check so the effects object is
      not accessed anymore.
      One could argue that kde-gtk-config has to provide a dummy EffectsHandler
      but it doesn't use effects and libkwineffects is not a dependency of
      KDecoration2. So, providing a dummy EffectsHandler makes no sense.
      In hindsight, we need to revisit the usage of EffectQuickView in Aurorae
      as accessing the EffectsHandler in EffectQuickView is a totally valid
      usecase and integration of QOpenGLContext.
      Co-authored-by: Vlad Zahorodnii
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      fix: change framebuffer blit color format to rgba · 09441a83
      Tom Englund authored
      on wayland we use rgba colors, so set QImage::rgba8888 instead of
      ::argb32. fixes weird color distortions. also with the right colors set
      we dont have to flip and invert the image.
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      fix: check max size in maxsize · 03e708f0
      Tom Englund authored
      seems a typo has been left in there.
      actually check maxsize in maxsize.
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      fix: update popup layers · df831012
      Tom Englund authored
      fixes popups sometimes being in the wrong stacking order and also the
      situation when the dock has an popup and setshowingdesktop gets called
      which iterates over the stackingorder and calls update_layer and then
      belong_to_layer, now without this it means its entering
      win->layer_for_dock() because this popup has windowtype of net::dock but
      is an xdgxshell popup without control and hits the assert in there.
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      fix: add missing includes · 96343fd8
      Tom Englund authored
      add missing includes.
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      fix: make a copy of slide registry · 605312cb
      Tom Englund authored
      slide effects might delete themself while iterating, and iterating in a
      for ranges loop that gets modified is undefined behaviour.
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      fix: dont write to pointer after free · 01d00a8d
      Tom Englund authored
      if internal window is not a deleted we call delete_window_from_space
      that deletes "this" which means assigning m_internalWindow to nullptr
      afterwards is a write to pointer after free, also move delete this, to
      not double delete it.
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      fix: use at instead of operator[] · e6a3bb41
      Tom Englund authored
      ensures we dont deep copy on each call.
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      fix: use QFileinfo::exists(file) instead · 84552504
      Tom Englund authored
      QFileInfo::exists(file) is documented to be faster then QFileInfo(file).exists().
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      fix: ensure focus prevention level is being set · eb909678
      Tom Englund authored
      seems focus stealing prevention level was never being set, ensure its being
    • Tom Englund's avatar
      fix: use at instead of operator[] on temporary · 111f7b4c
      Tom Englund authored
      ensures it doesnt deep copy the container on each call.
    • Tom Englund's avatar
      fix: dont call first on temporary · 1f1ea9c1
      Tom Englund authored
      dont call .first or .last on temporarys, use constFirst or constLast.
      ensures they dont unnecesserly detach/deep copies. found with clang
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      fix: ensure Qt container does not detach · d1ad3366
      Tom Englund authored
      ensure Qt containers does not detach by using qAsConst, found with clang
    • Tom Englund's avatar
      fix: add missing reference and const · c49af405
      Tom Englund authored
      add missing references and const, found by clang tidy/clazy.
  4. 28 Jul, 2022 1 commit
  5. 27 Jul, 2022 20 commits