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    x86 UEFI: Boot from UEFI · ad5fb883
    Zixuan Wang authored and Paolo Bonzini's avatar Paolo Bonzini committed
    This commit provides initial support for x86 test cases to boot from
       1. UEFI compiler flags are added to Makefile
       2. A new TARGET_EFI macro is added to turn on/off UEFI startup code
       3. Previous Multiboot setup code is refactored and updated for
          supporting UEFI, including the following changes:
          1. x86/efi/crt0-efi-x86_64.S: provides entry point and jumps to
             setup code in lib/efi.c.
          2. lib/efi.c: performs UEFI setup, calls arch-related setup
             functions, then jumps to test case main() function
          3. lib/x86/setup.c: provides arch-related setup under UEFI
    To build test cases for UEFI, please first install the GNU-EFI library.
    Check x86/efi/README.md for more details.
    This commit is tested by a simple test calling report() and
    report_summayr(). This commit does not include such a test to avoid
    unnecessary files added into git history. To build and run this test in
    UEFI (assuming file name is x86/dummy.c):
       ./configure --target-...