Commit b4498897 authored by Sven Kuhl's avatar Sven Kuhl

Status Handler

parent 44c04b53
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ class QuizzBot(Bot):
self.register_message_handler(Filters.location, self.location)
self.register_message_handler(Filters.forwarded, self.forwarded)
self.register_message_handler(Filters.status_update, self.status)
self.register_message_handler(Filters.text &, self.group_text)
self.register_message_handler(Filters.text & Filters.private, self.private_text)
self.register_message_handler(Filters.all &, self.group_all)
......@@ -98,6 +99,13 @@ class QuizzBot(Bot):
def location(self, update, context):
logging.debug("Got location message")
def status(self, update, context):
logging.debug("Got status update message")
new_user = update.message.new_chat_members
if (not new_user == None) and (not new_user == []):
for user in new_user:
def group_text(self, update, context):
logging.debug("Got group txt message")
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