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= RatSlap =
== Linux configuration tool for Logitech mice (currently only G300S) ==
== Introduction ==
//RatSlap// aims to provide a way to configure configurable Logitech mice from
within Linux.
== Availability ==
//RatSlap// is available on [[|GitLab]],
[[|GitHub]] and
[[|BitBucket]] with the primary repository
being [[|GitLab]].
== History ==
I recently (October 2016) purchased a Logitech G300S due mainly to the many
extra buttons. I didn't care that the software didn't support Linux as I only
wanted the extra buttons to generate extra mouse buttons, not keys or anything
Unfortunately, when I plugged it in, I discovered that none of the default 3
modes generated the extra mouse buttons I desired, instead generating useless
and annoying keypress events such as //CTRL-C//, //CTRL-X// and //CTRL-V//.
== Features ==
* None
== Version History ==
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