Unverified Commit 92ddebfb authored by oneiric's avatar oneiric

Datagram: remove DSA signing type

parent 64374a9e
......@@ -114,14 +114,7 @@ void DatagramDestination::SendDatagramTo(
std::uint8_t* buf1 = signature + signature_len;
std::size_t header_len = identity_len + signature_len;
memcpy(buf1, payload, len);
if (m_Owner.GetIdentity().GetSigningKeyType()
== kovri::core::SIGNING_KEY_TYPE_DSA_SHA1) {
std::uint8_t hash[32];
kovri::core::SHA256().CalculateDigest(hash, buf1, len);
m_Owner.Sign(hash, 32, signature);
} else {
m_Owner.Sign(buf1, len, signature);
m_Owner.Sign(buf1, len, signature);
std::unique_ptr<kovri::core::I2NPMessage> msg
= CreateDataMessage(buf, len + header_len, from_port, to_port);
std::shared_ptr<const kovri::core::LeaseSet> remote
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