Commit b15e390f authored by Stefanos Kourtis's avatar Stefanos Kourtis

Improve compatibility for CNFs read as lists of tuples

parent d22206d2
......@@ -81,11 +81,11 @@ def cnf_write(c,filename,xs=None):
def cnf_negmask(c):
""" Negation mask of CNF formula c. """
return [int(''.join(s),2) for s in [array(array(a<0,int),str) for a in c]]
return [int(''.join(s),2) for s in [array(array(array(a)<0,int),str) for a in c]]
def cnf_nvar(c):
""" Number of variables in CNF formula c. """
return array([abs(a).max() for a in c]).max()
return array([abs(array(list(a))).max() for a in c]).max()
def cnf_graph(c):
""" Returns bipartite graph object corresponding to
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ def cnf_graph(c):
nv = cnf_nvar(c)
a = zeros([nc,nv],int)
b = zeros([nc+nv,nc+nv],int) # Biadjacency matrix
for i,r in enumerate(c): a[i][abs(r)-1] = 1
for i,r in enumerate(c): a[i][abs(array(r))-1] = 1
b[nv:,:nv] = a
b = b+b.T
g = Graph.Adjacency(b.astype(bool).tolist(),mode=ADJ_UNDIRECTED)
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