Commit c945ce4a authored by kollo's avatar kollo

included ffftw2 in dependendy for .deb package

parent 01af3bd5
......@@ -813,7 +813,7 @@ deb : $(BINDIST) doc-pak
sudo checkinstall -D --pkgname x11basic --pkgversion @version@ \
--pkgrelease $(RELEASE) \
--maintainer "" \
--requires libc6,libasound2,libreadline6,liblapack3,libgmp10 --backup \
--requires libc6,libasound2,libreadline6,liblapack3,libgmp10,fftw2 --backup \
--pkggroup interpreters --provides libx11basic \
--pkglicense GPL --strip=yes --stripso=yes --reset-uids
rm -f backup-*.tgz
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