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......@@ -1879,3 +1879,13 @@ LOOP
Please note that the \verb|EXIT IF| statement has no \verb|ENDIF| or the like.
It just terminates the loop and continues your program behind the loop end.
Some errors can be caught by the user program using the \verb|ON ERROR GOTO| or
\verb|ON ERROR GOSUB| command. If no error trapping routine has been supplied
then program execution is terminated and a message is printed with the
corresponding line number. The error messages are standardized. Each error
message has a corresponding number which can be referenced by the system variable
\verb|ERR|. A list of standard error messages by number can be found in chapter
......@@ -758,6 +758,7 @@ can be executed recursively. A function will be defined by:
\section{Error Messages}
X11-Basic can produce a number of internal errors, which are referred
to by a number (ERR) (see also ERROR).
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