Commit 9f9e81e7 authored by kollo's avatar kollo

added keywords to nedit.defs and improved syntax highlighting file for 920

parent 9c7864ae
......@@ -23,16 +23,19 @@ syn region fComment start="' " end="$"
syn region fComment start="REM " end="$"
# A bunch of useful X11-Basic keywords
syn keyword fKeyword data
syn keyword fKeyword DIM LOCAL local dim VAR var LET let
syn keyword fKeyword DATA data
syn keyword fKeyword DIM dim LOCAL local VAR var LET let
syn keyword fKeyword AND and OR or NOT not DIV div MOD mod XOR xor
syn keyword fSysvars ROWS rows CCS_ERR ccs_err COLS cols MOUSEK mousek
syn keyword fSysvars MOUSEX mousex MOUSEY mousey MOUSES mouses TRUE
syn keyword fSysvars FALSE true false crscol CRSCOL CRSLIN crslin
syn keyword fSysvars CTIMER ctimer TIMER timer STIMER stimer ERR err
syn keyword fSysvars DATE$ TIME$ date$ time$ TERMINALNAME$
syn keyword fSysvars terminalname$ INKEY$ inkey$ PI pi PC SP pc sp
syn keyword fSysvars ANDROID? android? COLS cols CRSCOL crscol CRSLIN crslin
syn keyword fSysvars CTIMER ctimer ERR err FALSE false
syn keyword fSysvars GPS? gps? GPS_ALT gps_alt GPS_LAT gps_lat GPS_LON gps_lon
syn keyword fSysvars MOUSEK mousek MOUSES mouses MOUSEX mousex MOUSEY mousey
syn keyword fSysvars PC pc PI pi ROWS rows SENSOR? sensor?
syn keyword fSysvars SP sp STIMER stimer TIMER timer TRUE true
syn keyword fSysvars UNIX? unix? WIN32? win32?
syn keyword fSysvars DATE$ date$ FILEEVENT$ fileevent$ INKEY$ inkey$
syn keyword fSysvars TERMINALNAME$ terminalname$ TIME$ time$ TRACE$ trace$
syn keyword fKeyword ADD add AFTER after ALERT alert ARRAYCOPY
syn keyword fKeyword arraycopy ARRAYFILL arrayfill BEEP beep BELL
......@@ -131,7 +134,7 @@ syn keyword fFunction UNIXDATE$ unixdate$ UNIXTIME$ unixtime$ UPPER$
syn keyword fFunction upper$ XTRIM$ xtrim$ csget csget$ lof LOF EOF
syn keyword fFunction eof IOCTL ioctl TALLY tally COLOR_RGB color_rgb
syn keyword fKeyword then using
syn keyword fKeyword THEN then USING using
syn keyword fKeyword nand NAND nor NOR
syn keyword fKeyword sec cot
syn keyword fKeyword inv
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