Commit 3ac4f173 authored by kollo's avatar kollo

Update bytecode version to 1254, Release 49->50, Array-compfix

Changed Array to String format to
cure the incompatibility of bytecode between 32bit and 64bit platforms.

This was observed with assigning a whole ARRAY constant to an array.
parent 0f68b5f7
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ INCDIR=@prefix@/include/x11basic
# Register variables (-ffixed-reg) -Wall
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
#define MyAppURL ""
#define MyAppExeName "xbasic-wrapper.bat"
#define MyAppVersion "1.25"
#define MyAppRelease "49"
#define MyAppRelease "50"
; NOTE: The value of AppId uniquely identifies this application.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -7,18 +7,17 @@
ARRAY create_array(const int , const int ,const int *);
ARRAY create_array(const unsigned short , const uint32_t ,const uint32_t *);
ARRAY recreate_array(const int , const int ,const int *, const ARRAY *);
ARRAY create_int_array(const int dimension,const int *dimlist,const int value);
ARRAY create_float_array(const int dimension, const int *dimlist,const double value);
ARRAY create_string_array(const int dimension, const int *dimlist,const STRING *value);
ARRAY create_complex_array(const int dimension, const int *dimlist,const COMPLEX *value);
ARRAY create_arbint_array(const int dimension, const int *dimlist,ARBINT value);
ARRAY create_int_array(const uint32_t dimension,const uint32_t *dimlist,const int value);
ARRAY create_float_array(const uint32_t dimension, const uint32_t *dimlist,const double value);
ARRAY create_string_array(const uint32_t dimension, const uint32_t *dimlist,const STRING *value);
ARRAY create_complex_array(const uint32_t dimension, const uint32_t *dimlist,const COMPLEX *value);
ARRAY create_arbint_array(const uint32_t dimension, const uint32_t *dimlist,ARBINT value);
ARRAY einheitsmatrix(const int ,const int ,const int *);
ARRAY einheitsmatrix(const unsigned short typ, const uint32_t dimension, const uint32_t *dimlist);
ARRAY array_const(const char *);
ARRAY double_array(const ARRAY *);
ARRAY einheitsmatrix(const int, const int, const int *);
ARRAY mul_array(ARRAY, ARRAY);
ARRAY trans_array(ARRAY);
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
#define BC_STACKLEN 256
#define BC_VERSION 0x1253 /* Version 1.25 release 3*/
#define BC_VERSION 0x1254 /* Version 1.25 release 4*/
typedef struct {
unsigned char BRAs; /* DC_BRAs */
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