Commit 0188dd31 authored by kollo's avatar kollo

New release of the manual, now use pstotext to make ...

... X11-Basic-manual-1.25.txt (Issue by Roger Greenlaw - 2017-02-28)
little (minor) add in making list of error messages for the manual
parent ced2fee8
......@@ -78,11 +78,13 @@ $(NAME)-$(VERSION).txt : sec-base/*.sec sec/*.sec 39_Errors.sec main.otxt ../FAQ
echo " Last change to this file: " `date` >> $@
chmod 644 $@
mv $@ Outputs/
39_Errors.sec: bas/do_the_error_section.bas
39_Errors.sec: bas/do_the_error_section.bas ../../src/errortxt.c
rm -f $@; xbasic bas/do_the_error_section.bas > $@
main.otxt : main.dvi
dvi2tty -w132 main.dvi -o $@
#main.otxt : main.dvi
# dvi2tty -w132 main.dvi -o $@
main.otxt :
pstotext -cork -output $@ $<
main.dvi : A.tex tex/*.tex $(EPSFILES) 39_Errors.sec
latex tex/main.tex
makeindex main.idx
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