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Summary: Example program sourcefiles for X11-Basic
Vendor: Markus Hoffmann
Name: X11Basic-examples
X11-Basic example programs
This is a collection of example programs (.bas source files) for X11-Basic --
the BASIC interpreter and compiler for LINUX/UNIX, Android, TomTom and MS
WINDOWS by Markus Hoffmann
Maintainer of the collection: Markus Hoffmann 2002-2016
Name: X11-Basic_examples
Version: 1.24
Release: 1
Copyright: GPL
Group: Development/Languages
Copyright: GPL or public domain if not stated otherwise in the code
Packager: Markus Hoffmann <>
You can submit your programs by email to, if you
want to see them included here (or do a merge request on this repository).
For information about X11-Basic the BASIC language please refer to
Thease are example programs for X11-Basic. Most of them can be easily run from
a text console, e.g. on UNIX/Linux systems. Not all of them are useful on
other platforms like WINDOWS or Android.
Example Programs which should run on all platforms.
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