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    • joubu's avatar
      Bug 16325: Do not return all suggestions if search for STATUS='' · 44e0cb28
      joubu authored
      This is a quick and dirty way to fix a bad bug in a messy area.
      The "unknown status" tab in the suggestions table display all the
      suggestions. It should only display suggestions with a STATUS=''
      Test plan:
      - Create some suggestions
      - Go to Home > Acquisitions > Suggestions management
      - Edit some suggestions and give them different status,
      e.g. accepted, rejected, pending.
      - Verify that they appear in the tabs as appropriate
      - Edit one suggestion, set "Mark selected as" to --Choose a status--
      => Without this patch: New tab "Status unknown" containing all
      => With this patch: tab contains only suggestions with "Unknown status"
      Works as expected.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc Véron <>
      Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer's avatarKatrin Fischer <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarBrendan Gallagher <>
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    • Srdjan Jankovic's avatar
      bug_7001: Issue and Reserve slips are notices. · a9ded4fa
      Srdjan Jankovic authored
      Branches can have their own version of notices - added branchcode to
      letter table.
      Support html notices - added is_html to letter table.
      Support for borrower attributes in templates.
      GetPreparedletter() is the interface for compiling letters (notices).
      Sysprefs for notice and slips stylesheets
      Added TRANSFERSLIP to the letters
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Poulain <>
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    • joubu's avatar
      Bug 5346: Linking suggestions and orders. · 0200639b
      joubu authored
      Display suggestion info in acquisition module:
      To Test:
      Create a suggestion and accept it.
      Create a new order from this suggestion
      Receive this order
      For each step, check if suggestion info are visible.
      Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer's avatarKatrin Fischer <>
      Test provides more unit tests, all complete successfully.
      perl t/db_dependent/Suggestions.t
      Note: test case should be cleaned up after running tests.
      Display changes are consistent and information about the suggestion
      is shown on every important screen now.
      I created an order from a suggestion and one from an existing record.
      No problems found.
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    • Adrien Saurat's avatar
      Bug 6893 : Updates suggestions list when adding orders · 28ef6c19
      Adrien Saurat authored
      A suggestion added through now changes
      to the ORDERED status as initially intended (but so
      far it stayed as ACCEPTED).
      This fixes the list of potential suggestions to order,
      the ORDERED ones don't appear anymore.
      Bug 6893 : Follow-up: Disabled WHERE clause excluding ORDERED status
      In SearchSuggestions, a WHERE clause was excluding the ORDERED
      suggestions from the results. Now replaced with 1=1.
      (before 6893 correction, the WHERE clause was excluding the
      STATUS='CLAIMED' suggestions, but this status cannot be found anywhere
      else in the code... so I changed to STATUS='ORDERED' which
      seemed more accurate, but it had impacts on OPAC and some Admin tabs)
      Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer's avatarKatrin Fischer <>
      Both patches applied cleanly, sqashed them together after testing.
      1) Creating new suggestions
      - from OPAC, shows up in patron account as 'requested', pending in staff
      - from staff, shows up in list of pending suggestions
      Status in database is ASKED
      Note: suggestions made from staff for the same patron have suggestedby = 0
      in the database, so are not showing up in the patron account. Is this by
      intention? (if not, I think this is a separate bug)
      2) Accepting suggestions
      - from list
      - from edit page
      Status in database is ACCEPTED
      Patron account shows 'Accepted by the library (Bestseller)'
      Note: after changing the status from the list, bug 4068 kicks in and
      some tabs and even suggestions are hidden. Going back to the acq start
      page and going back to the suggestions page from there helps.
      3) Rejecting suggestions
      - from list
      - from edit page
      Status in database is REJECTED
      Patron account in OPAC shows 'Suggestion declined'
      Note: bug 4068 again.
      4) Ordering from suggestions
      - new basket
      - ordered 2 accepted suggestions
      SUCCESS! Great improvement:
      - Status in database is now ORDERED
      - Already ordered suggestions no longer show up on list of
        suggestions to order from.
      - Patron account shows 'Ordered by the library (Bestseller)'
      - Suggestion management page shows a new tab 'Ordered'
      - For the suggestion with a valid 'suggestedby' borrowernumber,
        a mail was generated. (bug 7094)
      5) Receive ordered suggestions
      - received my ordered suggestions
      This is is not in the scope of this bug, but for documentation:
      - No message was generated to inform the patron
      - Status stays ORDERED
      - Patron account still shows item as ordered, no change to 4)
      Looking at the I think there should be another status
      216     [% ELSIF (suggestion.suggestiontypelabel == "Available") %]Available
      Signing off, fixes bug reported. Danke!
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Poulain <>
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    • Galen Charlton's avatar
      bug 4211: ensure that suggestion emails have full details · d3df54d0
      Galen Charlton authored
      Because of how the ModFoo routines work, if you are only
      changing selected columns but are also using the change
      as a trigger to place a message in the queue, you need
      to fetch the full row before generating the message.
      Signed-off-by: Galen Charlton's avatarGalen Charlton <>
    • Galen Charlton's avatar
      bug 4211: more fixes to suggestion letter template handling · 994d6e2a
      Galen Charlton authored
      * Now displays the correct list of fields to choose
        for suggestion letters.
      * Clean up mixture of old and new column selection code
        introduced in commit 88bb1b63, thereby restoring
        the intent of the patch for bug 3522.
      * Enable suggestion library to be used in suggestion
        letter templates
      Signed-off-by: Galen Charlton's avatarGalen Charlton <>
    • Chris Cormack's avatar
      Bug 4211: This patch should provide a working way to send out mail from suggestions · b1c2d560
      Chris Cormack authored
      Your suggestion notices template needs to contain things like
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 3f4278bbe8d4c68be9f72d50e1eef6a411dc873d
      Author: Chris Cormack <>
      Date:   Fri Aug 13 09:41:34 2010 +1200
          bug 4211 parsing the letter before we enqueue it
      commit ecdc0ff34c1aa9b96b68d541423ca693e2d63e67
      Author: Chris Cormack <>
      Date:   Fri Aug 13 09:32:09 2010 +1200
          Changing the query to fetch suggestions data, this is needed for suggestion mail to be sent
      commit ece11d015b945ce119cf7cbc5e2563f4bc8aecf9
      Author: Owen Leonard <>
      Date:   Thu Aug 12 12:36:26 2010 -0400
          Fix for Bug 4211, Acquisitions actions on suggestions don't generate email
          Assuming 1) The patch for Bug 5126 is approved and 2) Suggestions
          notices are added by hand (or from default sql--see Bug 5127) this
          correction should get suggestions notices properly enqueued.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Cormack <>
      commit 5c3bbe7d557b1994be72518746217fc6fc4e5b83
      Author: Owen Leonard <>
      Date:   Thu Aug 12 12:27:33 2010 -0400
          Fix for Bug 5126 - Suggestions module missing from "add notice" form
          - Adding "suggestions" entry
          - Re-ordering options in alphabetical order
      Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Cormack <>
      Signed-off-by: Galen Charlton's avatarGalen Charlton <>
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