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  1. 24 Mar, 2016 2 commits
  2. 11 Jun, 2012 1 commit
  3. 11 Jan, 2010 2 commits
  4. 06 Sep, 2009 1 commit
    • Galen Charlton's avatar
      replace syslog with warns · 0bbcfeda
      Galen Charlton authored
      As discussed with Chris Nighswonger on #koha, this patch
      removes the calls to syslog and replaces them with warns
      so that error messages generated by the labels code
      are sent to the Apache error log.  This avoids splitting
      this sort of logging across multiple files and is consistent
      with current practice in most of the rest of Koha.
      Signed-off-by: Galen Charlton's avatarGalen Charlton <>
  5. 01 Sep, 2009 6 commits
    • Chris Nighswonger's avatar
      [35/40] Work on C4::Labels tests and various bugfixs resulting · 9b56b1ea
      Chris Nighswonger authored
      This patch also moves the Labels tests into their own sub directory.
      Due to a squash mistake this patch also includes the following:
      Fixing up POD for C4::Labels modules
      Also a minor bugfix and code refactoring.
    • Chris Nighswonger's avatar
      [20/40] Work on label printing code. · 13e89458
      Chris Nighswonger authored
    • Chris Nighswonger's avatar
    • Chris Nighswonger's avatar
      [8/40] Adding new layout management page · 12663796
      Chris Nighswonger authored
      This moves the layouts off of the labels tool start page to bring it into
      conformity with the other parts of this tool.
    • Chris Nighswonger's avatar
      [2/40] Work on C4::Labels::Template and associated tests · 1c39484c
      Chris Nighswonger authored
      This commit also contains some work on C4::Labels::Layout as well
    • Chris Nighswonger's avatar
      [1/40] Work on C4::Labels::Layout module and tests · f4d46222
      Chris Nighswonger authored
      NOTE: This patch is the first of 40 which almost completely re-factor the
      label creator code into a hopefully more scalable form. The new format is
      a move in direction of OO handling labels, batches, templates, layouts, and
      profiles as objects thus permitting easier implementation of features and
      enhancements. It should be possible to export label data in any format one
      might choose with the simple addition of a script similar to those included
      which produce pdf, csv, and xml format.
      One of the larger improvements is a change in workflow that results in template,
      layout, and start label selection occurring just before export.
      There are also various bugfixes and smaller interface improvements woven into it.
      It should be noted that this patch series removes the patron card creator feature
      for the present. This feature was only partially completed. A completed variation
      will be submitted as a separate patch series to follow in the near future.
      The following bugs and enhancements are fixed by this series of patches:
      2944 Search to add items to a label batch broken
      2061 labels_conf DB values: NULL vs. 0
      2511 CSV format string is not cleared when unselected in the label layout editor
      2515 Re-factor C4::Labels::DrawSpineText
      2823 Label Generator not generating barcodes
      3171 Problem due to internationalization in label-create-template.tmpl in de-DE and possibly others
      3180 Active settings for label settings should be set at print time only
      This work was sponsored by Foundations Bible College & Seminary, Dunn, NC USA