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      Bug 17501: Remove Koha::Upload::get from Koha::Upload · 158442eb
      Marcel de Rooy authored
      The get routine actually returns records from uploaded_files. It should be
      possible to replace its calls by direct calls of Koha::UploadedFiles.
      This patch is the crux of this patch set. It deals with all scripts that
      use Koha::Upload.
      In the process we do:
      [1] Add a file_handle method to Koha::UploadedFile. This was previously
          arranged via the fh parameter of get.
      [2] Add a full_path method to UploadedFile. Previously returned in the
          path hash key of get. (Name is replaced by filename.)
      [3] Add a search_term method too (implementing get({ term => .. }).
          This logic came from _lookup.
      [4] Add a keep_file parameter to delete method. Only used in test now.
      Test plan:
      [1] Run t/db_dependent/Upload.t
      [2] Go to Tools/Upload. Add an upload, download and delete.
      [3] Add another public upload , search for it.
          Use the hashvalue to download via opac with URL:
      [4] Go to Tools/Stage MARC for import. Import a marc file.
      [5] Go to Tools/Upload local cover image. Import an image file.
          Enable OPACLocalCoverImages to see result.
      [6] Test uploading a offline circulation file:
          Enable AllowOfflineCirculation, and create a koc file (plain text):
          Line1: Version=1.0\tA=1\tB=2
          Line2: 2016-11-23 16:00:00 345\treturn\t[barcode]
          Note: Replace tabs and barcode. The number of tabs is essential!
          Checkout the item with your barcode.
          Go to Circulation/Offline circulation file upload.
          Upload and click Apply directly.
          Checkout again. Repeat Offline circulation file upload.
          Now click Add to offline circulation queue.
      [7] Connect the upload plugin to field 856$u.
          Enable HTML5MediaEnabled.
          Upload a webm file via the plugin. Click Choose to save the URL,
          and put 'video/webm' into 856$q. Save the biblio record.
          Check if you see the media tab with player on staff detail.
          (See also: Bug 17673 about empty OPACBaseURL.)
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMarcel de Rooy <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTomas Cohen Arazi <>
      Signed-off-by: joubu's avatarJonathan Druart <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarKyle M Hall <>
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