Commit ffcb3603 authored by Owen Leonard's avatar Owen Leonard Committed by Kyle M Hall

Bug 16762: Record matching rules: Remove match check link removes too much

My patch for Bug 5006 introduced a lot of markup changes to the record
matching rules template. I missed a change in one are though, which
caused a bug with the way the 'Remove match check' link works.

To reproduce:

- Go to Administration -> Record matching rules.
- Edit a matching rule which includes at least one match check.
- Click a 'Remove match check' link. The entire "Required match checks"
  block is removed.

To test, apply the patch and repeat the steps above. Clicking any
'Remove match check' link should remove only the corresponding rule.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHector Castro <>
Works as advertised
Signed-off-by: default avatarKyle M Hall <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKyle M Hall <>
parent 8ca55a7f
......@@ -364,7 +364,8 @@ function CheckRuleForm(f) {
[% ELSE %]<p id="addMatchCheck" style="display:none;"><a href="#" class="button" onclick="InsertMatchcheck('mc_1', 'mc_template'); return false;">Add match check</a></p>[% END %]
[% IF ( edit_matching_rule ) %]
[% FOREACH matchcheck IN matchchecks %]
<fieldset class="rows" id="mc_[% matchcheck.mc_num %]">
<div id="mc_[% matchcheck.mc_num %]" class="matchgroup">
<fieldset class="rows">
<legend>Match check [% matchcheck.mc_num %]<a href="#" class="button" onclick="InsertMatchcheck('mc_[% matchcheck.mc_num %]', 'mc_template'); return false;">Add match check</a> | <a href="#" class="button" onclick="DeleteMatchcheck(this); return false;">Remove this match check</a></legend>
<input type="hidden" id="mc_[% matchcheck.mc_num %]_id" name="mc_[% matchcheck.mc_num %]_id" value="1" />
[% FOREACH src_component IN matchcheck.src_components %]
......@@ -456,6 +457,8 @@ function CheckRuleForm(f) {
[% END %]
<br style="clear:both;" />
[% END %]
[% ELSE %]
<div id="mc_1" class="matchgroup">
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