Commit 074efa8d authored by Frédéric Demians's avatar Frédéric Demians Committed by Henri-Damien LAURENT

Overdue Notices: Add a Bcc to messages

If a global syspref OverdueNoticeBcc is present, send overdue notices to
this address. This allow a library to track and gather all outgoing
overdue notices.
parent afcfb0e8
......@@ -800,6 +800,9 @@ sub _send_message_by_email ($) {
Message => $content,
'content-type' => $message->{'content_type'} || 'text/plain; charset="UTF-8"',
if ( my $bcc = C4::Context->preference('OverdueNoticeBcc') ) {
$sendmail_params{ Bcc } = $bcc;
my $success = sendmail( %sendmail_params );
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