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    Bug 2176 (3/5): adding methods to manage message_queue, new advance_notices.pl, new C4::SMS module · 2cae4efa
    Andrew Moore authored
    I've added methods to to C4::Letters to manage the database table
    message_queue. This will let us keep track of messages sent
    via email, sms, and rss to patrons. That way, we can show the history,
    deal with failures, and reconstruct an RSS feed when needed.
    misc/cronjobs/overduenotics.pl has been added. It prepares advance notices
    and item due notices and stages messages to be sent in the message_queue
    C4::Overdues::Getoverdues now takes two optional arguments to tell it how
    old of overdues to fetch.
    Also, a C4::Circualtion::getUpcomingDueIssues method was added that
    advance_notices.pl uses.
    misc/cronjobs/process_message_queue.pl has been added. It sends the email
    or SMS messages out of the message queue.
    The C4::SMS module didn't work at all, and it has been rebuilt to use
    an external perl module from CPAN, SMS::Send.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJoshua Ferraro <jmf@liblime.com>
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