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......@@ -627,7 +627,6 @@
.. |image627| image:: images/cataloging/newfromframework.png
.. |image628| image:: images/cataloging/zsearch.png
.. |image629| image:: images/cataloging/zsearchresults.png
.. |image630| image:: images/cataloging/importz39.png
.. |image631| image:: images/cataloging/tryanotherzsearch.png
.. |image632| image:: images/cataloging/addmarc.png
.. |image633| image:: images/cataloging/lockedauthority.png
......@@ -1324,3 +1323,4 @@
.. |image1331| image:: images/circ/selfcheckin.png
.. |image1332| image:: images/circ/selfcheckinaddbarcode.png
.. |image1333| image:: images/circ/selfcheckincheckin.png
.. |image1334| image:: images/cataloging/uploadedfiledetail.png
......@@ -2068,6 +2068,25 @@ Description:
new menu options to the staff cataloging detail pages to allow that
to happen.
.. _enableadvancedcatalogingeditor-label:
Default: Don't enable
Asks: \_\_\_ the advanced cataloging editor.
- This preference will allow you to choose between a basic editor and a
advanced editor for cataloging.
This feature does not currently include any support for
UNIMARC or NORMARC fixed fields.
.. _record-structure-label:
Record Structure
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