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to avoid increasing websockets channels we encourage to reuse the same browser


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......@@ -56,13 +56,13 @@ By default this url will be [http://localhost:8000/](http://localhost:8000/).
If you are running on a different platform like Heroku or DigitalOcean please
use the URL provided by those platforms.
Remember to enable the following options:
Remember to have dibled the following options:
- Refresh browser when scene becomes active
- Shutdown source when not visible
The reason is this that this uses WebSockets and it is better to no have
_multiple listners_ at the same time (aka: reuse the same source by
_Copy Reference_)
_Copy Reference_). In case of issues the web page should reconnect automagically
### Adding files
You can add files any time into the `assets` directory (please note that the
package http
import (
log ""
var (
WSListnerChannels []chan string
......@@ -9,7 +13,18 @@ var (
// This allows to have multiple browser source connecting on different
// web sockets at the same time.
func channelPipe(mainChannel chan string) {
logWF := log.WithFields(log.Fields{
"f": "http.channelPipe",
logWF.Debug("Starting the Channel Pipe")
for msg := range mainChannel {
"msg": msg,
"channels": len(WSListnerChannels),
}).Debug("Sending messages to web socket channels")
for _, ch := range WSListnerChannels {
ch <- msg
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