Commit cd7e1250 authored by Matt Pharr's avatar Matt Pharr Committed by Jan Scheffczyk

Revert "Fix small bug in Interaction::SpawnRayTo()."

This reverts commit 142d72ff.

This fix breaks the Triangle.Reintersect test. No time to dig into why now,
so reverting for now.
parent 2d34ab4e
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ struct Interaction {
Ray SpawnRayTo(const Point3f &p2) const {
Point3f origin = OffsetRayOrigin(p, pError, n, p2 - p);
Vector3f d = p2 - origin;
Vector3f d = p2 - p;
return Ray(origin, d, 1 - ShadowEpsilon, time, GetMedium(d));
Ray SpawnRayTo(const Interaction &it) const {
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