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# August 5-9
## Focus
### Focus
* Intro discussion with Pedro about Secure partnering with Create on approvers feature vision and next steps.
* Work on baseline initiative validation plans
* and
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* Prep for compliance meeting: learning more about internal compliance processes
#### Progress
* %12.4 implmentations and
#### Opportunities
* Partnering with Pedro and Marcel from Create to improve approvals feature. Next steps, we plan on doing research (, then we can follow up with each other on findings to plan design improvements.
* Collaborate with Andy on upcoming baseline initiative for `Vulnerability-Check`: recommendations influence both in-stage groups. and (related:
* Leveraging our [Secure UX]( page to easily share baseline progress, recommendations, and current research. Add links to group discussions for visibility and to encourage more feedback for improvements.
* Learn more about dependency list use cases (another baseline?)
### Meetings
*Doesn't include recurring company/stage group meetings*
* 2 coffee chats
* Tentative: join app sec office hours to discuss `Vulnerability-Check` dogfooding issue
* Research review with Tali about SAST setup
* Process review with Candice Ciresi (Head of Compliance at GitLab)
### 12.2 Issue status
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* Status: -
* Engineering & UX Discovery: Disallow merge if a blacklisted license is founds
* Status: In progress, pending any further comments will create implementation issues this week
* Status: Closed and opened (UX Ready)
* Secure experience baselines: managing licenses (responsibility)
* Status: Complete
......@@ -53,7 +57,7 @@ tbd
* Status: UX Ready
* Show most affected projects in Group Security Dashboard
* Status: On track,
* Status: UX Ready
* Discovery: Show on dashboard when security tests are not run
* Status: In progress:
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* Status: closed and opened (UX Ready)
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