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Update August

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......@@ -11,11 +11,13 @@ Friday the 16th meeting with Fabien in person; focusing on License compliance
* Updated dashboard validation/think-aloud feedback issue:
#### Progress
* Great feedback, ideation, and action items from group design review (early ideation of day I and set up of secure features UX):
* Internal interview with head of compliance - uncovered our current process and policies we are working on. Will update at next Secure UX meeting.
* Issues to bootstrap license compliance feature: and
#### Opportunities
* Partner with Andy on collaboration and team scaling retrospective
* Partner with Secure UX team on Day I and feature setup UX issue: Mentioned to Becca could be a great shadow and/or shared effort issues for onboarding.
### Meetings
*Doesn't include recurring company/stage group meetings*
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