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layout: post
title: Using thumbnails
date: 2014-06-08 12:32:18
summary: Using thumbnails in your Carte Noire articles.
categories: jekyll
thumbnail: jekyll
- thumbnails
- carte noire
Carte Noire is designed to start each article with an all-white image as a
thumbnail. These are created by adding a `thumbnail` parameter to the article's
[YAML frontmatter][1]. This thumbnail parameter is processed in one of two ways,
images specified in `_data/thumbnails.yml` or using [Font Awesome][2].
## Images
To use your own custom images as a thumbnail you must upload them to a web available
location (I use [Imgur][3]) and then you need to add the url to `_data/thumbnail.yml`
with an associated keyword.
jekyll: ""
You then add a `thumbnail` option to the article's frontmatter and provide the keyword
for that thumbnail.
thumbnail: jekyll
This allows you to re-use thumbnails across multiple articles without having to
specify the url each time.
## Font Awesome
If jekyll can't find a corresponding image in your `thumbnail.yml` file then it
will assume you want to use a Font Awesome icon instead. You can find the full
list of Font Awesome icons [here][4].
So for example if your article is about android and you want to use the [android icon][5]
from font awesome you can just specify the following in your frontmatter.
thumbnail: android
Then in the future if you decide you want to use your own android icon you can just
add it to `_data/thumbnails.yml` which will override it for all articles using
the android thumbnail.
layout: post
title: So, What is Jekyll?
date: 2014-06-09 12:32:18
summary: Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. Simple, static, and blog-aware.
categories: jekyll
thumbnail: jekyll
- about
- jekyll
Jekyll is a tool for transforming your plain text into static websites and
blogs. It is simple, static, and blog-aware. Jekyll uses the
[Liquid]( templating
language and has builtin [Markdown](
and [Textile]( support.
It also ties in nicely to [Github Pages](
Learn more about Jekyll on their [website](
published: true
layout: post
title: Carte Noire in Action
date: 2014-06-10 12:31:19
author: Jacob Tomilson
summary: See what the different elements looks like.
categories: jekyll
thumbnail: cogs
thumbnail: cogs
redditurl: 7deu8p
twitterurl: 961084879432597504
- demo
- action
layout: post
title: Welcome to Carte Noire
date: 2015-03-23 15:31:19
author: Jacob Tomlinson
summary: Carte Noire is a dark blog theme for Jekyll focusing on a clear reading experience.
categories: jekyll
thumbnail: heart
comments: true
- welcome
- to
- carte
- noire
Welcome to Carte Noire.
Carte Noire began as a new theme for [my personal blog][1], but has now taken
on a life of its own as a free theme for Jekyll.
The theme has been designed with simplicity and readability in mind. It makes
use of third party services such as Disqus ad AddThis to ensure the blog has
all the features you would expect from a dynamic application such as Wordpress
but with the hosting and maintenance simplicity of Jekyll.
Please use/copy/share Carte Noire!
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