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Power symbols: v8 changes

Graham Keeth requested to merge gkeeth/kicad-symbols:v8-power-symbols into master

Power symbols are a bit different in v8. This MR updates power symbols to follow best practice for the new KiCad version. It should not be merged until all the libraries are updated to V8 format. Changes are in separate commits for easier review, but feel free to squash.

The main changes are that a power symbol's attached net is now set by the symbol value, not the pin name. Pin names also do not have to be invisible anymore (indeed the symbol checker suggests they should be visible).

Graphically there are no changes except that the pins are now visible (but still zero-sized, and still with hidden name/number).


Specific changes:

  • upgrade library to v8 format
  • make symbol pins visible
  • hide pin names and numbers
  • change all pin names to "~" (pin name is no longer significant, IMHO it makes sense to change it to something that is clearly not significant)
  • checked that value field matches symbol name so the attached net is what the user expects

Eventually I think it makes sense to change the KLC rules to follow this.

  • Remove the instructional content of this template
  • [n/a] Provide a URL to a datasheet for the symbol(s) you are contributing
  • An example screenshot image is very helpful
  • [n/a] Ensure that the associated footprints match the official footprint library
    • A new fitting footprint must be submitted if the library does not yet contain one.
  • [n/a] If there are matching footprint PRs, provide link(s) as appropriate
  • Check the output of the automated check scripts - fix any errors as required
  • Give a reason behind any intentional library convention rule violation.
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