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Altium Board importer

Thomas Pointhuber requested to merge pointhi/kicad:altium_import into master

This is the foundation to add support for native Altium import. Contributions are very welcome, because this is a quite some amount of work.

The work is mainly based on, which is an existing Altium Designer -> KiCad converter written in Perl. Because Altium Circuit Studio and Altium Circuit Maker uses quite similar file formats, I try to support them as well in one go.

My current workflow is to try to understand the existing code, and build a binary documentation of the Altium format using Kaitai Struct. This allows fast iterations, and tells me if something is parsed incorrect.

Current State

  • Binary Format Parser (Microsoft compound file and Altium Binary Format structure)
  • Drawings
  • Electrical
  • 3D-Models (How to handle? Extract models into directory? Let user decide?)
  • Components
  • Nets
  • Design Rules (only most basic rules supported)
  • Board Stackup (needs parsing, structure looks quite clear)
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