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WIP: Barcode as BOARD_ITEM, Fixes #4393

Thomas Pointhuber requested to merge pointhi/kicad:barcode into master

This is my attempt to create a new board items for barcodes (#4393). This is just a code-dump for now, which needs lots of cleanup to be considered ready.

Some points to tackle for integration:

  • render barcode generated by zint
  • think what variables we need (text, size, margin, invert?, which types of codes,...)
  • handle tool actions (move, rotation, flip, rescaling,...)
  • tool icon (currently, dimension icon is used)
  • create dialog
  • support plotting
  • support 3d-viewer
  • import/export support
  • drc is working?
  • zone filling is working?

A short preview that the barcode creation already works:


Any help is appreciated.

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