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Add grouping functionalities to net inspector

Oleg Endo requested to merge oleg.endo/kicad:net_list_dialog3 into master

@craftyjon since you've reviewed the previous MR !161 (merged), could you have a look at this one, too, please?

The main feature that this MR adds is a "group-by-suffix" function for the net inspector dialog. I have to admit, it's a bit tailored to my own current requirement, where I would like to see the length of a parallel bus across multiple sections (damper resistors, connectors, ... ). The busses have all different prefixes in the net names, but the suffixes of the individual bus signals are the same, e.g. D00, D01 and so on. The net inspector dialog should group all D00 signals, all D01 signals, ... and display the total length of each group. This will give an end-to-end length of the whole bus.

For that, the net name filter is extended to support multiple filter strings. I've used the comma character as a separator for now. The remaining suffix string after the match is recorded in each item and if enabled, items with the same suffix string are folded into a single display row. Internally this required decoupling of data rows and display order. With this in place, it shouldn't be too difficult to add support for sorting by various columns or folding by some other criteria.

Because of the group-by-suffix, the net inspector dialog can select multiple nets to be highlighted on the board. For that I've added some rudimentary multi-net highlighting. Maybe it could be used for other things like bus highlighting during cross probing.

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