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Added IPC2581 support

Seth Hillbrand requested to merge sethhillbrand/kicad:ipc2581 into master

IPC-2581 support for export.

Known missing features:

  • Logical net support designating net end points and midpoints
  • Slotted holes (these are not first-class objects in 2581 interestingly)
  • Textboxes may not be correct as they are wonky in display atm
  • Certification is currently "SELFTEST" working on IPC full certification process
  • Might want additional data for "Person", "Enterprise", etc
  • Other generators add "ANTIPAD" and "THERMAL" stencils to their padstacks. Do we want/need these?

Currently, all layers are exported to the cad file. Only mask/silk/copper/drill/fab are used by definition for the fabrication section. Additional layers may want to be optionally excluded from the full output.

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