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Add hot key column on layer select dialog

Hey, im new to kicad both as developer and user. i tried to pick easy one.

  1. I tried to get hotkey from existing object in PCB_BASE_FRAME *m_frame. i spent hours until i copied static TOOL_ACTION* layer2action( int aLayer ) from pcb_layer_box_selector.cpp

if this is not acceptable, could you tip me with a way to get hotkeys ?

  1. I have added a column in the grid instead of appending spaces to layer name. not sure whats the best.

  2. I'm not sure what m_rightGridLayer does ?

  3. I'm new to almost everything (language , tools, framework ) .. i tried formatting in visual studio it suggested changes in existing code. maybe it needs to be configured to use _clang-format config file ?

  4. result

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