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Add tenting settings for individual vias

Andrzej Wolski requested to merge awolski/kicad-aw:tenting into master

Tenting settings are added separately for top and bottom layers.

The default value, "from board settings", maintains current behavior, where tenting state is inherited from project setup or DRC. Two additional options allow forcing each via side to be tented or untented.

Soldermask expansion works similarly to pads.

Example new tokens in pcb file:

(via (at 1.01 -1.84) (size 0.6) (drill 0.3) (layers "F.Cu" "B.Cu") (remove_unused_layers) (free) (zone_layer_connections) (untented_top) (untented_bottom) (solder_mask_margin 0.2) (net 2)

(default values are not saved)

Also, the first commit adds via annular rings setting, which was missing in the property manager.



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