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Draft: Footprint Wizard: Fix

wc7086 requested to merge wc7086/kicad:master-patch-6711 into master

This PR updates the QFN Wizard footprint to meet the KLC F5.2 standard for the fabrication layer requirements.

The commit 4b8622a0 adds a second copy of the reference designator (RefDes) as a text object with the value "${REFERENCE}" on the F.Fab layer, ensuring that the simplified mechanical outline of components, including the component value and reference designator are displayed appropriately.

The commit dfacaba5 updates the Fabrication Attributes by replacing the PAD_ATTRIB_SMD attribute with the FP_SMD attribute.

The commit 1d9f9bda changes the naming convention for QFN packages, making it easier for users to identify and select them.

The commit 1b69af32 modifies the silk line and fab line spacing to improve the appearance of the component package while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

The commit 05015f4b adds a line thickness of 0.1mm to the QFN footprint on the fabrication layer, conforming to the KLC F5.2 standard.

These changes ensure that the QFN Wizard footprint complies with industry standards and meets the requirements of the KLC F5.2 standard.

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