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Database Libraries infrastructure

Jon Evans requested to merge craftyjon/kicad:dblib into master

Part 1 of database libraries support:

  • Config file format
  • Schematic library plugin
  • Basic ODBC support

Database libraries must currently be configured by manually crafting an appropriate kicad_dbl file. Based on available time until V7 freeze; there will either be a GUI configuration tool added, or this manual process will be documented.

Further additions will include improvements to the symbol chooser to allow better sorting and filtering of symbols, as well as support for placing footprints from a database without going through the schematic.

No optimization or performance tuning has been done yet. This system can preferably operate without a metadata caching layer to avoid cache problems, but one can be added if latency hiding is important.

Adds required dependency unixodbc on non-Windows platforms.

Fixes #7436 (closed)

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