Commit 902629c1 authored by Seth Hillbrand's avatar Seth Hillbrand 🇺🇦
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Fix name escaping in symbol editor

When renaming a symbol, be sure to handle name escaping in all of the
various places that we do renaming (!)

Fixes #11939

(cherry picked from commit 0dab5662)
parent 63e638cf
......@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ bool DIALOG_LIB_SYMBOL_PROPERTIES::TransferDataFromWindow()
return false;
// We need to keep the name and the value the same at the moment!
wxString newName = m_fields->at( VALUE_FIELD ).GetText();
wxString newName = EscapeString( m_fields->at( VALUE_FIELD ).GetText(), CTX_LIBID );
wxString oldName = m_libEntry->GetName();
if( oldName != newName )
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