Commit 17b18637 authored by jean-pierre charras's avatar jean-pierre charras
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Fix a compil issue on msys2: %zu format does not exist on msys2

parent 45a95447
......@@ -601,9 +601,9 @@ void PCB_IO::formatGeneral( BOARD* aBoard, int aNestLevel ) const
m_out->Print( aNestLevel+1, "(thickness %s)\n",
FormatInternalUnits( dsnSettings.GetBoardThickness() ).c_str() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel+1, "(drawings %zu)\n", aBoard->Drawings().size() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel + 1, "(tracks %zu)\n", aBoard->Tracks().size() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel + 1, "(modules %zu)\n", aBoard->Modules().size() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel+1, "(drawings %u)\n", (unsigned)aBoard->Drawings().size() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel + 1, "(tracks %u)\n", (unsigned)aBoard->Tracks().size() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel + 1, "(modules %u)\n", (unsigned)aBoard->Modules().size() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel+1, "(nets %d)\n", m_mapping->GetSize() );
m_out->Print( aNestLevel, ")\n\n" );
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