Handle 'cabal haddock' bug.

parent 30dda03a
......@@ -26,4 +26,13 @@ myDir=$(readlink -f "$0")
myDir=$(dirname "$myDir")
cd "$myDir"
sed -i 's/-W -f/-W -Werror -f/g' $(git grep -l -e '-W -f')
# The "-Wwarn=missing-home-modules" is to prevent "cabal haddock" from issuing
# the following warning as an error. I started hitting this after upgrading
# from Cabal to (and GHC 8.0.2 to 8.4.3).
# <no location info>: warning: [-Wmissing-home-modules]
# These modules are needed for compilation but not listed in your .cabal
# file's other-modules: ...
# This is a bug:
sed -i 's/-W -f/-W -Werror -Wwarn=missing-home-modules -f/g' $(git grep -l -e '-W -f')
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