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      Restructure, relicense, redocument. · 59f8f2d9
      Bryan Gardiner authored
      - Splits Hoppy into four packages with different licenses:
        - generator: The code generator.  AGPL-3+.
        - std: Bindings for standard library classes.  Apache-2.0.
        - runtime: Runtime support for Haskell bindings.  Apache-2.0.
        - docs: Documentation, currently the user guide.  AGPL-3+.
      - The stdlib header files now live in the std package and std is aware of
        their location, so passing CXXFLAGS=-I$(generator --get-include-dir) to
        make is not needed any more.
      - Also as part of the split, iterators are now in the std package, and are
        no longer class features.  They also have nice method names now.
      - Makes 'classAddCtors' and 'classAddMethods' public in Spec.
      - Makes various enhancements to the user's guide.  Partially addresses the
        inconsistency of using both 'cpp' and 'lib' for the C++ side of bindings.
      - Removes some stale dependencies from the generator.
      - Fixes the pre-commit to recognize the different licenses, and show the
        correct list when leading tabs are found.
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