Commit a4c5333f authored by Khaytsus's avatar Khaytsus

Forgot to update a variable name for world-wide LH

parent 743c9baa
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ done
# Pull last heard from all around the world, with the genericcount limiting how many
# 5000 is about 6 days worth give or take
echo "Getting worldwide Last Heard data (${wwcount} max)"
curl -s -o lh-0000.csv "${genericcount}"
curl -s -o lh-0000.csv "${wwcount}"
# Combine all of them into a single file formatted for import
awk 'BEGIN { FS=";"; OFS=","; } {print $3,$2 " " $4,$4,",,,,<br/>"}' *-???.csv *-????.csv | sort | uniq | grep -v 'dmrid,callsign' >${output}
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