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[Story] Translate weekly challenge

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ challenge:
type: hebdomadaire
- Format court.
- "Utiliser tous les mots suivants : arbre, capillaire, exaltation, lambic, pizza, strapontin, urbain"
- 'Utiliser tous les mots suivants : arbre, capillaire, exaltation, lambic, pizza, strapontin, urbain.'
Le paysage défile, mais je suis pressé d'arriver.
date: 2020-03-01T18:45:31+01:00
title: Challenge (2020-01-10)
slug: challenge-2020-01-10
author: chop
license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
description: "<p>I'm going through the city to find this tree I discovered yesterday. I need to see it again.</p><p>Micro-story written for a weekly challenge.</p>"
type: weekly
- Short.
- 'Use all the following words: tree, capillary, exaltation, Lambic, pizza, jump seat, urban.'
I see the landscape passing, but I'm in a hurry to get there.
That's not because this jump seat is uncomfortable---though it _is_---but this urban crossing feels endless.
I'm impatient!
I need to find this tree again.
It was so high, so imposing...
No, "majestic."
That's the word!
What a hidden treasure behind the curve of an alley in this dreary city!
Merely seing it made me feel an exaltation I never knew, yesterday night.
I really need to see it by day.
Today, the exaltation I feel is capillary.
My skull hurts.
Yeah, I know, there's no nerve in the skull because it's a bone, but it feels like my hair is drilling through it.
There, that's the stop!
I jump out of the bus and head to the place where...
No, I can't be mistaken, it was here!
Why is there only this dead shrub here?!
No, I must be wrong.
What did I step in?
Puke?! Charming!
Wait, what are those weird bits?
Fork, I remember...
I was the one who puked!
Those are the remains of the hawaian pizza I had.
Then, this dead tree?
I understand now why the pals were doubled up.
I really must stop with Lambic nights...
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